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inCruises: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About this Travel Company

World travel and direct sales don’t typically go together, but in Cruises is changing that. A cruising membership club, inCruises invites its partners to build a business while sharing and doing what they love most: cruising to exotic locations the world over. Curious about what makes inCruises tick? Here are 8 things you didn’t know about this company.

1. One of a Kind Business

inCruises is the world’s first cruising membership club. It is a one of a kind company that offers inCruises membership partners the chance to earn discounted and even free cruises across the globe on major cruise lines, including Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean.

2. Registered and Licensed

A member of the Cruise Lines International Association, inCruises is also a registered Seller of Travel in all six states that require registration: California, Florida, Iowa, Hawaii, Washington, and Virginia.

3. Led by an Experienced Team

The company is led by founder and CEO Michael Hutchinson, an author and entrepreneur with experience in sales and motivation. He began his career with Electronic Data Systems, became VP of Worldwide Sales for Tony Robbins, hosted the web TV show CredibilityLIVE! and authored the books Speaking Mastery, Stop It! and Profiles in Persistence. The entire leadership team at inCruises has a combined 100 years of experience in travel and network marketing. Leadership members are often speaking at local events and traveling throughout the world to share their years of experience with other members. Leadership works hard to build their partners and members.

4. Giving back

Charitable giving is a big part of inCruises’ mission. The mission statement of the company states that they,“Support important causes you care about all around the world”. Causes like Make-A-Wish and The Ocean Cleanup initiatives.Through Make-A-Wish, inCruises offers free cruises to children with life-threatening medical conditions. These wishes made true can change the life of a child in need. Ocean cleanup is another important cause to inCruises. To give back to and support those protecting the environment, inCruises supports the charity The Ocean Cleanup and offers donations to this organization to help remove plastics and other harmful substances from our beautiful oceans.

5. Reducing Cruising Rates

The product inCruises offers its customers is reduced price cruise bookings. Members save by making monthly membership contributions of $100, which turns into $200 worth of Cruise Dollars that can be applied toward cruise bookings. The inCruises membership essentially doubles customer vacation savings. Not only does the company reduce the costs associated with travel, they strive for amazing customer service. Members are allowed to cancel their membership at any time and are not held down with contracts.

6. Building Business Partnerships

Partners can take their inCruises membership one step further to build a business and income from selling additional cruise memberships. Partners are challenged to invite five people to become inCruises members—and are rewarded with a free membership. As partners build their personal businesses, they may be able to cruise for free—or even earn money while cruising.

7. Making Customers Happy

Though the company is fairly new—it was founded in 2016—inCruises reviews have been glowing. Customers particularly love finding reduced rates on cruises for their families. They report that cruising keeps the family together and entertained in comfort. Partners also appreciate the business model and the chance to grow their own businesses: “inCruises is a solid company that gives you the chance to grow and brings a good quality of life through an exceptional leadership team,” says one partner.

8. inCruises is a Global Company with a Purpose

inCruises is established with partners in dozens of countries worldwide. It’s a company full of driven excited individuals, and inCruises is dedicated to improving the lives of the people involved. One of the core objectives in the mission statements is to “Unleash a powerful business opportunity for you to positively impact the lives of millions worldwide.” The company wasn’t created solely to make vacationing easier, it was created to help people improve their lives and grow and it is dedicated to helping them to do so.

inCruises is a company that is growing quickly and strives to serve its members and people throughout the world. It provides the opportunity to enjoy cruise vacations and build your own business. It is lead by an experienced team of driven individuals who help their members succeed. It looks like this is a company that is here to stay and is going to continue to grow.

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